A Community House in the Italian Apennines
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Who we are

After many years our dream project is becoming a reality. Its name is L’altra Riva, which means ‘The Other Side’ in Italian. We sit in the center of a tiny hamlet, in the Apennines mountains in northern Italy between Bologna and Florence, called Rocca Corneta. Named after the 4th century tower that you see in the photos. This is the view from the dining room, yoga shala and many of the bed rooms. The lower photo is the building itself. It’s in the process of getting a facelift but it’s a beautiful canvas to work with. 

We are re inventing this old hotel and restaurant into a place that is not only a sister retreat center to You Can Yoga in Amsterdam but will also operate as a bakery, cafe, hotel, restaurant and community space for the local community. We will offer regional food, hiking, excursions, events and yoga retreats. L’Altra Riva is a community house first and is open to humans from all walks of life. Every member will add value to the greater good of others and join and support the community as a whole.

The system in which we live has let down many of us on some level. As a society, we seem to lack a sense of community, human connection, and authentic support for personal development. At L’Altra Riva this is the central point of focus for us as a community: to sustain and support ourselves while reconnecting to our symbiosis with each other and nature, which we so deeply crave, consciously or not. We provide space for anyone to join, short or long term, and become a part of something that allows them to have a closer look at themselves and what it means to be a part of something bigger that supports your own personal development at the same time, like a contemporary ashram or intentional community. Or you can just relax and read books down by the river.

Where we are now

We will not be officially open until the summer of 2025. We had a wonderful summer this past year having friends and family around to help us test the place out and get some of the rough work done together. Though, like life, the place will always be a work in progress but we are ready to share the experience of L’Altra Riva with you. 

This summer the house will be operating as our private residence while we continue to renovate. We are very happy to host guests on a donation basis that want to enjoy the vibes of the place and lend a helping hand at the same time. We still need things done around the building and garden so expect a busy and active community life. We are also open to full time work exchange if you’re interested. Come be a part of it with us this summer or just take a well deserved break in the mountains.

All donations include accommodation, group meals, and yoga classes. Jason, and other teachers, will be living, practicing and teaching yoga throughout the summer. Anything else you might want or need is up to you.