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  • United in diversity

    United in diversity

    ✊ At You Can Yoga, we like to remind ourselves and others that first of all, what we do is POLITICAL. The system in which we live has failed many of us. As a society, we lack a sense of community, human connection, and true support for personal development. We live in an oppressive world…

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  • It’s not all asana

    It’s not all asana

    As the modern western yoga world gets farther away from what yoga historically and traditionally is we try our best to stay closer to its origins. Yoga is so much more than doing postures in various styles and rhythms under the direction of a single teacher or guru. There are Four Paths of Yoga, or…

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  • The journey inward is not a warm embrace

    The journey inward is not a warm embrace

    For those of you that know me well, or have read my book, you know that I have spent my life trying to investigate it in some way and am very intense about the quest itself. I’ve spent my entire adult life looking for answers that I couldn’t find in religion, society, politics, or the…

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  • Stepping Forward

    Stepping Forward

    Right now, we are stuck. Humans are animals of mental and physical action and right now we’ve all been forced to stop a bit. The reactions are as broad as our range of lifestyle, class, and personality but we have all been effected in some way. – Well, not the super rich but will they…

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  • Question everything, especially your teachers.

    Question everything, especially your teachers.

    In the yoga world yet another guru, Vishnu Devananda (sivananda yoga), has recently been accused of sexual misconduct. Spiritual teachers always seem to end up creating an atmosphere of chaos within their cults. Add that to the list of Osho, Bikram (hot yoga), Pattabhi Jois (ashtanga yoga), John Friend (anusara yoga) and many, many more.…

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  • Why we should winter.

    Why we should winter.

    In the grand scheme of all things natural, winter is the time to relax and restore your self. Plants wilt, trees lose their leaves, birds migrate, and bears slumber for months on end only to come back in spring energised and ready to take on the world again. Why should we behave any differently? As…

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  • Starting Yoga can be very frustrating

    Starting Yoga can be very frustrating

    I’m not flexible enough, I don’t know what’s going on, I don’t want to look silly. Sound familiar? These are the sorts of things I hear all the time as a teacher and it’s what keeps people from doing something that’s good for themselves. The ego is a powerful thing and it’s hard to convince…

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  • Maybe a midlife crisis is simply the universe making one final attempt to wake you up?

    Maybe a midlife crisis is simply the universe making one final attempt to wake you up?

    Is the world crumbling around you? Are you questioning everything you have ever done? Do you feel the need to make big changes but don’t really know where to start? Are things making less sense than usual? Then you’re in luck. Now is your chance to really look at yourself and rebuild your world by…

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  • Smoke and mirrors

    Smoke and mirrors

    It’s been quite a longtime since I’ve felt very present at the schools, apart from the teacher training course this year I haven’t done much, or written much, in what seems like ages. Now I’d like to share with you why I withdrew. If you’ve read the book you know where I was at, in…

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  • Why do we meditate?

    Why do we meditate?

    Meditation can sound so easy and yet so confusing at times. What do I do while I’m sitting here. Do I try to force my brain to go quiet? Do I repeat a mantra? Do I watch my breath? Do I control my breath? Do I control my mind? Or do I simply let my…

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