Finding Your Flow

Everyday is an adventure set forth for you to discover something new about yourself and the world around you. We create structure to hide from the chaos that is being alive. That might hide the reality from you but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist behind what you think you are seeing. Life is chaos and once we stop fighting against it it becomes so much easier and fun to be alive.

Imagine a drop of water in a rushing river. It has no choice, no control. That’s us in this life. If we let go we can enjoy the ride. We can fight it all we want but we can’t change the course of the river.

When we break free from control and surrender to the signs we see in life things begin to really change in ways you can not even imagine. When something gets your attention or surprises you do your best to follow it. Try to figure out whats behind it, whats it trying to show you. Pay closer attention and see what it might be trying to say to you. There is so much more to see in life if the eyes are truly opened.

We practice yoga to still the mind but whats the point of stilling the mind if there is nothing else to see. When the mind is still these surprises and hints from the universe become more clear. So when you are doing your yoga and you feel a moment of peace embrace it and while you are there, listen! Silence is boring so wait for the entertainment to come. I promise you, it will!

Just for today I’d like for you to do something completely random and out of your daily routine. Surprise yourself. Take a different route to work, eat someplace different for lunch, talk to a stranger who makes eye contact with you. When you see something random, go with it. Embrace every moment as if it were your last because you know what, it just might be.

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