A Community House and Retreat Centre


During the retreats you can expect yoga (asana and meditation) every morning and late afternoon. There will also be group discussions every evening about the philosophy of yoga and why we practice, over an optional glass of local wine of course. You are free to get involved with the staff while you are there or just spend the days hiking or chilling by the river between meals and yoga. Whatever feels right for you.

We are there to facilitate a proper yoga practice and share the experience of what it feels like to be at L’Altra Riva. You will be overwhelmed at how easy it is to just let go when you arrive there, whether you want to or not. Regardless of whether you’re doing yoga or just laying in the sun.

There will be retreats during the following weeks:

July 1st-7th & August 12th-18th

All rooms are doubles or twins with a private fresh water bathroom, shower and bidet. There is a shared bathroom with warm water if you need it. Remember, we are a work in progress.

The all inclusive rate is €995 per person for a private room and €750 for a shared double twin room.

This includes accommodation, group meals and classes.