Karma Yoga Program

Karma yoga is the act of selfless service and it’s important in the yoga community for many reasons. The first and foremost, as in all things yoga, to subdue the mind. The ego is the false sense of self and in yoga we are trying to separate from the ego and connect to our true self, or atman. By giving back and expecting nothing in return the ego is made quiet, and if not it is confronted.

Confrontation in yoga is also very important. The ego doesn’t like to be watched because it makes the separation of self more obvious and apparent to you, your true self. This is also the goal in a yoga/asana class. You are using your body and breath to achieve the same means, shut off the mind and pull your focus from the ego. It’s hard work but having a regular practice does make it easier at times.

The goal of yoga, being to focus the mind, can be achieved in many other ways as well. One of those ways is Karma Yoga. By offering yourself and your service to your yoga community you’re giving from the heart. There is no reward to motivate you so the ego takes a hit. Sure, we give free classes in exchange for your time but I see that more as giving you a space to continue your personal practice. That’s my Karma Yoga to you in support of your commitment to your practice.

We are always looking for people to help out around the studios. The options for service are endless. You can help us keep the studios clean, care for the gardens, do windows, flyer the neighbourhood or anything that you may want to offer personally. We are open to all of your thoughts, suggestions and ideas. Feel free to bring something personal to the program as well. In exchange for Karma Yoga you can not only have free classes at the studio but also take part in courses, attend workshops or have one to one classes with me. Just let me know if you’d like to get involved.

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