Maybe a midlife crisis is simply the universe making one final attempt to wake you up?

Is the world crumbling around you? Are you questioning everything you have ever done? Do you feel the need to make big changes but don’t really know where to start? Are things making less sense than usual?

Then you’re in luck. Now is your chance to really look at yourself and rebuild your world by tearing it all down first.

Don’t do anything rash. First just stop to look around and check that you’re breathing. You need a moment to allow the dust to settle around you before you act, but you’re in the perfect place to reshape your life, where it’s going and who and what you think truly are. You are none of the things that have brought you to this point in your life. You are the exact opposite and thats what you need to take the time to explore and find out.

The whole goal of yoga is to quiet the mind. Once the mind is settled then you can truly begin to investigate, to look around inside. It’s a great tool but you have to do the work yourself. When you can focus internally and start to tear down the layers of belief that have led you to this point in your life, only then will you be able to truly implement change.

A new direction will appear to you if you simply take the time to look, inside, but first we have to come to understand that the outside world, Maya, doesn’t really exist, nor do we. Part of you knows that already and that’s where the fire is coming from that is making you question everything. You need to stop and take a look at that, don’t run from it. Look your fears in the face and then destroy them with pure focused intent.

Good luck out there humans, I’m here if you need me.