No Excuses

During my time in India I was fortunate enough to meet a beautiful woman named Simona who is traveling the world in a wheel chair. She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a few years back and it hasn’t slowed her down. There is so much light in her eyes and fire in her heart that it becomes infectious when in her company. Nothing seems to get in the way of her continuing her dream of seeing as much of the world as possible.

Her goal is to bring awareness to the fact that though she is disabled she is no less of a person, or a woman. There is so much strength in her and to witness it is a living inspiration.

So this brings me to you, the reader. As a yoga teacher and life coach I see people struggling with set backs, lack of motivation and inspiration, and self doubt on a regular basis. It’s a basic recurring theme in the human condition that has been created by our society. Simona is a shining example of the simple fact that only we can hold ourselves back. You have no excuse. Nothing you think or say can justify your lack of action in going after what you truly want from life.

We are here to live. That is our soul (see what I did there) purpose. What ever excites you should be your personal focus and nothing should get in your way.

Sure life can be hard but it’s not supposed to be. It’s all about finding your flow and then surrendering to it. The universe is there to provide, not hinder. Once we accept that, life gets a hell of a lot simpler and a lot more fun too. If you feel you are running into a wall then change direction. Do something out of the ordinary, leave your comfort zone.

If you want your life to change you have to take responsibility and change it. It’s no ones fault but your own that you are where you are today. If you are happy there then I applaud you! Keep up the good work. If you aren’t, then take life by the reigns and change course.

Never be afraid to ask for help either. I spent an afternoon strolling around Varkala with Simona and when we got to a place where her wheel chair couldn’t pass, and I alone couldn’t help her, we simply waited for help to come along. The same can be said for life. Show your true intent, where you want to go and what your pure desires are and the universe will respond. Act! We never had to wait long for someone to pass by that we could ask for help and they were all more than happy to assist.

That’s how I see life and the world we live in. Simona could stay at home feeling sorry for herself or wonder why this happened to her but that’s being stuck. Instead she goes after life. She embraces every day and every moment as who she truly is and we should all do the same.

So now it’s your turn. No excuses.

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