Not today Shiva!

Today I just can’t! We all have those days. You wake up and the moment you get out of bed you think to yourself “Why the hell did I do that?” All I want to do is crawl back into the cavern that is my solace, my bedroom. Most of us can’t do that though. Life keeps us consumed with responsibility so we get up and soldier on. It’s a fight to the death and funnily enough that’s the only way out.

I’ve been practicing and studying yoga for 15 years now and every single time I practice or teach it is always different. Today was one of the harder days. The task of simply placing one foot in front of the other seems to take everything I have in me. Other days, though, I’m light as a feather and float through life unmoved by any bump in the road.

Days like today are the ones that are the true tests of what we can actually gain from yoga. One of the main principles of yoga in your daily life is to adapt, adjust and accommodate to any and every situation so thats what I do.

I adapt my mind to accepting the fact that this, like every thing in life, is out of my control. Another lesson of yoga… the only thing in life you CAN control is your breath! From this, I adjust my mood. Sure, I can’t change it but I can accept it as well and what I find helps is to shift to the observer state. Step back from my self and watch, observe who is this person in this mood. This tends to make things much more interesting. Finally, to accommodate myself, and the others around me, I surrender to this state and just BE in it.

The next thing I realise is that my day actually just got better. Sure, my motivation is still slow as is my will to do things but my mind, my spirit, they are lighter and happier which makes the whole situation much easier to deal with, or observe. The scowl on my face as I had to depart the warmth of my bed is turned into a smile… but a cheeky one. As if I have discovered a secret and no one else knows what it is.

The joy of yoga is that everyone can know this. The next time you feel like things are out of your control, which they always are, then try to adapt, adjust and accommodate to the situation at hand and see how much lighter it makes you feel.

Be the observer, see the separation of the self, and life becomes a game. Play it with me.

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