Question everything, especially your teachers.

In the yoga world yet another guru, Vishnu Devananda (sivananda yoga), has recently been accused of sexual misconduct. Spiritual teachers always seem to end up creating an atmosphere of chaos within their cults.

Add that to the list of Osho, Bikram (hot yoga), Pattabhi Jois (ashtanga yoga), John Friend (anusara yoga) and many, many more.

Stop putting your teachers on a pedestal. Gurus are faulty up humans just like the rest of us, they have merely learned how to put on a show. Sadly, blind followers seeking some sort of sense in this chaos we call life are easily made victims of what sits behind the smoke and mirrors.

As spiritual aspirants we should never hold any teacher in higher regard than ourselves. In doing so you are belittling your own personal experience and journey. There is no difference between you and the teacher. Stop believing your mind, and destroy the idea of guru just as you would destroy any other false, nonsense, belief.

This is exactly why we don’t celebrate any teacher, guru, or yoga lineage at the schools. It’s just another distraction along the way to self realisation. Nothing outside of you is real and only you can learn that for yourself.

Keep looking, keeping asking questions, and keep up the good fight!