Stepping Forward

Right now, we are stuck. Humans are animals of mental and physical action and right now we’ve all been forced to stop a bit. The reactions are as broad as our range of lifestyle, class, and personality but we have all been effected in some way. – Well, not the super rich but will they ever be unless we bring back the guillotine? I kid! –

Shock is a great kick start to your yoga practice if you allow it to be, your practice being living yoga. Being present in every waking moment of your life. Looking deep within yourself and into your true nature. Tearing down the outside illusions of Maya, the false reality, the exterior world.
Shock, being forcibly jarred like we are now, can give you that moment of clarity to finally look in and not out. What do you see there? Can you really dive into that fear. That’s reality. That’s the only truth. Everything else is just a story we tell ourselves to try and make sense of it all.

Now the story has been broken against your will. You have lost control of the narrative in your head that you repeat to yourself over and over again confirming your beliefs of self, existence, reality, and your place in it all. You see the lie, but only for a moment. The ego is strong and will do everything in its power not to let you see through it. The flood of emotion, desire, and drama will come flooding in like a tsunami to quickly cover the lie, hide the crack in the vase, convince you that you are something other than what you truly are. But for now, you see through it.

You can choose to take this opportunity to do yoga, to look inward, or go back out into the circus we call life to explore the drama of it all. This is what I mean when I say we have to know what we want in order for anything in life to genuinely change. Do you want to play with the outside world and manifest a life to your ego’s liking, which is all fine and good, or do you want to stay in and tear the outside world apart. Only then can you start to rebuild. Only then can real change take place. And you have a choice right now. You actually always have that choice so if this moment slips away know that you can always come back to it if you look close enough.

Take this opportunity to think about what it is you really want. Not what the ego wants. Not what your emotions want. Go deeper than that. Look through the lie. Feel it deep within your entire being.

When you are there, then step forward. Acting from your true nature will never steer you wrong, that’s the ego’s job. Trust me on this.