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Nutritional Consultation

The nutritional consultation can help you on your way, taking the next step in optimizing your diet and lifestyle. Food is not a one size fits all. What can work for one person, might not work for you. That is why the nutritional consultation takes your situation and circumstances into account while taking a customized approach.

Do not expect to receive quick fixes, dietary restrictions, standard recommendations, and rigid meal plans. In the nutritional consultation, the focus is on long-term results, food freedom, food as a friend that nourishes you, healthy habits, and positive awareness in a way that benefits your health and lifestyle goals.

Besides assessing the history and current situation of your health, food choices, food intake, eating habits, and lifestyle, you will track your food and mood for 7 days. The results will be analyzed and presented to you together with constructive advice and practical steps that fit your needs and health goals.

Nutritional Consultation is for everyone who would like to improve their health, overall well-being, and lifestyle. Book your session when:

  • You are ready to take a step towards a healthier life, with healthy habits and a healthier relationship with food and yourself.
  • You notice that stress is getting a firmer grip on you, influencing your sleeping patterns, and your eating and lifestyle habits, and you are looking for a way to turn this around.
  • You eat healthily, have an active lifestyle, and are not burdened by a tremendous amount of stress, but still feel that there is more that can be attained regarding health and vitality.

Whether you have questions about proper nutrition, weight management, or digestive issues, by means of the Nutritional Consultation you will be equipped with the nutritional knowledge you need, specifically tailored to your concerns.

The nutritional consultation consists of

  • 1 video call of approximately 20 minutes, to discuss your situation and goals
  • 1 food and mood diary, for you to track your food intake, exercise, and energy during 7 consecutive days
  • 1 video call of approximately 20 minutes, to discuss the analysis and advice based on the food diary, in relation to your health issues and goals.

Package price € 117

Willie Meester

Willie Meester

Willie specializes in treating digestive distress and supporting gut health, giving them both the credits they deserve in overall health and wellbeing. Not just the physical aspects, but also the emotional, mental & psychological aspects are attended to. The belly & the brain are closely linked, and digestive symptoms and gut disorders influence mental health, stress, anxiety & energy levels.

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