Reiki is a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into a person by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes within the body and mind. By activating trigger points in the head and feet and by working with the central energy points (chakras) of the astral body. Reiki can restore and connect physical and emotional well-being by releasing possible blockages, so you will feel lighter in life and more energetic.

The word ‘Reiki’ is made of two Japanese words: ‘Rei’ which means ‘Life force’ and ‘ki’ means ‘Energy.’ Thus, Reiki is translated as Universal life energy. In yoga, we call this prana.

Reiki is all about connecting the body and mind by improving the natural energy flow between the physical and astral body. A treatment that is enforced by meditation, as meditation helps to quiet the mind and bring a stronger connection to the Self.

As they say in Japan: 10 minutes of meditation a day keeps the bad energy away.

Meet Virginia

Virginia has always enriched herself by reading about life, philosophy, psychology, spirituality, and health and exploring the depths of Buddhism. She wanted to take a step further and that led to a course in Energy Healing at The School of Life in Amsterdam. Her mother and grandmother being energy healers, it only seemed natural. Having done yoga for more than 10 years the chakras were already very familiar to her.

By continuing with the courses Chakra Psychology and Energy Reading, she’s learned to locate and analyze certain energy blockages. By using energetic healing this blocked energy can be released, helping one to sleep better, and have fewer headaches, and less stress.

Following the Japanese path of Healing, she pursued Reiki: Reiki I, II, and III which makes her a Reiki Master. This gives new insights into all the connections in the body, such as the well-being of organs linked to the well-being of our emotions.

By combining all knowledge and techniques Virginia offers a combination treatment of Reiki Energy Healing & Life Coaching, as talking and guidance are just as important!
Together finding what is no longer needed in the body and mind. Then the soul will rise. The goal is to feel aligned, lighter, and balanced. Love for others, love for your sweet self and beyond: love for all!


  • 70 min. session for € 80

  • 90 min. session for € 100

  • 120 min. session for € 85

  • Including Intake

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