Why are you here?

And I don’t mean the big question, “Why are you here?” I mean the little version, the starting point. Why are you sitting here before me? That’s the first question you must ask yourself before you can do any work to improve your current situation. You might not be directly in front of me now but for some reason you feel the need to ask yourself bigger questions because maybe something just doesn’t make sense in your life.

Yogis are seekers! We get attracted to yoga because nothing in the world seems to make sense and it’s a way to bring peace, connection, union.. whatever you want to call it, into our lives. Starting yoga, in the physical sense, is just taking a peek through the door of what lies ahead once you begin this journey. Asana practice, or Hatha yoga in real terms, is there to prepare the body and mind for the bigger work. Yogis do hatha yoga to keep the body supple and to hone in the focus of the mind so that when we do finally disconnect with the ego we are in a place to hear the voice of our true self.

And that’s what it all comes down to. The union that people speak of in yoga is not with God but with your true self because God doesn’t exist in the way that most religions might have you believe. God exists solely as consciousness and your true self is but a piece of that consciousness. Literally you are a piece of God. Your ego keeps you connected to the false self which keeps you lost and distracted in this material world, which also doesn’t exist in the way that we think reality exists. More on that later.

What I’m getting at here is in order for this journey to truly begin you need to be honest with yourself and ask as deeply as you can, “Why am I here?” What brought you to this point to finally take a stand against your life, your false self, and to begin the process of breaking free from it? Maybe you aren’t that far yet either, so you can even start with asking yourself things like why am I not content, happy, care free, why am I always stressed, never feel finished with anything or never feel like I’m in the right place?

The alarm bell can ring in many ways and I feel that since you are reading this yours has started to chime in. The goal now is to focus your mind and your intent on it to start figuring it all out. The discontent is a huge part of the waking up process. The feeling that everything is wrong, that nothing makes sense, that you can’t relate to anything. These are signs that you have had enough of the bullshit and are ready to dig deeper, so jump with me. Let’s go!

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